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Seval srl, after 40 years of manufacturing seals and gaskets tor the oil industry, has decided to improve its available range of services by offering an service. The available services are:
– Regrinding of flange seats
– Clamping with hydraulic torque spanner
– Hydraulic tensioner

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Jacketed Gaskets

These kind of gaskets are mainly used in heat exchangers applications with non critical temperature and pressure applications. It consists in a soft core  cladded in metallic cover, selected according to the media. Many different materials, shapes and sections are available on customer request.

Spiral-Wound Gaskets

It is one of the core business product of Seval. Can be manufactured in different kind of material able to achieve in high as well as low temperature and pressure. Customised spiral-wound gaskets are also available as per customer requirement. Range of size: from 1/2 “ up to 160”


This product has been develop for Butterfly Valve applications, and the sealing is assured by special seat made in all kind of elastomers. Can be manufactured with or without inner metal reinforcement rings. Our range, as of now, is going till liner for 80” inch butterfly valve.

Lamellar Gaskets

The metal lamellar seats are mainly used for triple offset butterfly valve and it has been designed to support extreme operation conditions, either in high/low pressures or temperatures. The lamellar rings are made of steel rings (SS, Duplex, Super-Duplex, …) alternate with sealing soft material such as Graphite or PTFE

Grooved Gaskets

The core of Camprofile gaskets is made by solid grooved steel with concentric serration and cover with soft layer. Can be manufactured in several materials with or without ribs according to STD and customised. Machining process used to made serration is with horizontal lathe machine.

Metal Ring Gaskets

Metallic sealing rings used in the petrochemical industries, and in any application were high temperature and pressure are required; are available in oval, octagonal, BX type or lenticular. Can be manufactured in any kind of SS (Alloy, Hastelloy, Exotic, ecc). Any kind of gaskets according to customer request can be machined in our workshop up to  2500 mm diameter.

Diaphragms Gaskets

Seval offer its thirty years old experience in planning and manufacturing diaphragms in all type of elastomer along with several different kind of fabric with specific shape and characteristics properly studied to reach top performances and reliability.

Asbestos Free Gaskets

Manufactures in several type of asbestos free materials, with o without metallic inserction, cut from raw sheets (PTFE, Graphite, Aramidic fibre) or any grade of rubber according to customer request.


Thanks to a combination of flexibility, R&D along with long experience and market knowledge, we are offering technical support for a complete new design else for the development of new products, shapes, compounds as well as gaskets.

Terenziani was acquired in 2012 our source for centrifugal castings in austenite, ferritic, martensitic, duplex, super duplex steels and nickel based alloys.

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