Continuos research and developement in manufacturing process
Metal and rubber seals




Site Service

Well known as a gasket manufacturer for the oil & gas industry Seval srl is offering new services. Now available on site services for:
– Regrinding flange seats
– Clamping with hydraulic torque spanner
– Hydraulic tensioner

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Made of a winding of metallic strip alternate with a soft non-metallic filler, preformed in a special configuration that enhance the elasticity and self-adjustment of the gasket…

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Jacketed Gaskets

Jacketed gaskets combine the superior temperature resistance of a metal jacket with the sealing performance of a filler material. These gaskets are mainly used in heat…

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Liners / Elastomers

Rubber liners for butterfly valves is one of the leading products of seval range. Made in different compounds such as NBR, BUNA, EPDM, VITON, PTFE bonded to…

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Lamellar Seals

Special gaskets suitable for metal seated butterfly valves, usually supplied in rough conditions which after specific and delicate machining are used in triple offset butterfly…

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Metal Ring Gaskets / RTJ

Metallic ring type joint suitable to stand high-pressure and temperatures are largely used in offshore and onshore petrochemical applications. Manufactured in accordance…

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Grooved Gaskets / Camprofile

Seval camprofile, consists of a solid metal core with concentric serrations and faced with a non-metallic material like graphite, or different kind of PTFE.   A limited penetration…

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Diaphragms / Membranes

Diaphragms and Membranes for Valves, Pumps and actuators are mostly manufactured in accordance to customer design and specifications. They are produced in different…

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Flat Gaskets / CNAF

Manufactures in several type of asbestos free materials, with o without metallic inserction, cut from raw sheets (PTFE, Graphite, Aramidic fibre) or any grade of rubber…

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Thanks to a combination of flexibility, R&D along with long experience and market knowledge, we are offering technical support for a complete new design else for the…

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Terenziani was acquired in 2012 our source for centrifugal castings in austenite, ferritic, martensitic, duplex, super duplex steels and nickel based alloys.

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