Seval, after 40 years of manufacturing seals and gaskets for the oil industry, has decided to improve its available range of services by offering an service. The available services are:


Regrinding of flange seats for equipment and process lines.

The machining is performed using portable lathes and tools suitable for turning, milling, boring, drilling, lapping, and so on. Our machines are suitable for restoring flanges up to 3100 mm wide. We can machine most surfaces including flat, step, male-female, ring joint, lens seat, o-ring seats, and clamps with results comparable to the original lathe applications. Moreover, we can machine front/rear flanges of tube/sheet for S&T Heat Exchangers and any pressure retaining flange seats on Pressure Vessels. AII tools and machines are pneumatic and this allows us to work in safe conditions even in dangerous areas. Thanks to reduced dimensions, we can assemble our machines on flanges located inside or outside the equipment. Our portable milling machine is suitable to mill up to mm 2000, and are used to mill, floating heads, pumps and compressor basement, air-coolers and others equipment.


Clamping with hydraulic torque spanner

Torque spanners allow the tightening of bolts and nuts in any size with reliable results on any flange coupling. Thanks to this application the gasket receives the necessary load pressure in order to ensure a correct sealing.


Hydraulic tensioner

This solution is recommended in case of critical equipment. The tensioner lengthens the bolt, and consequently the reduced friction allows the manual tightening of the nuts. The Bolt then returns to original length affording the correct pressure to flange. For a proper torquing of the flanges at least 25% of the bolts must be simultaneously tightened.